“I was very skeptical and hesitant when we first signed up. I am very glad that we decided to do this and scheduled our weekend around this. It definitely helped us as a couple to be able to open up more and start talking about some issues.”

“My fiancè and I have been together for almost 4 years but this weekend taught us how to communicate more openly, how to start thinking of ourselves as a “unit” and how God fits into our lives as a couple. I feel like I really connected to my fiancè on a much deeper emotional level than ever before and I am thankful for that gift.”

bride & groom

“Us being an interfaith couple we both learned a great deal of information to prepare us for our sacrament of marriage. It was a good opportunity for us to share our feelings toward each other for this commitment.”

“Communication is our biggest challenge and we made some great strides this weekend. We also gained a better understanding of how our marriage will include God and not just the two of us.”

“You guys gave us some tools to help us prepare for this. I know I came in close minded and in the course of listening I opened up rather quickly.”

“I was skeptical but the experience was developmental and touching.”

“We were thrilled about how the weekend turned out! I think both of us were slightly skeptical about how helpful the retreat would be. Sarah and I have been a couple for going on 10 years, we have been through so many ups and downs, have had to make the hard decisions, have the hard discussions maybe unlike some younger, newer couples. Despite already having discussed most of the topics covered our relationships, our love and our foundation were strongly reaffirmed here this weekend! Thank you for making this weekend so special!”


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