Catholic Engaged Encounter is an international nonprofit ministry dedicated to marriage preparation that has been successfully preparing thousands of couples each year for sacramental marriage since 1968.

We are a community of volunteer couples and clergy whose ministry is dedicated to outstanding marriage preparation. We present weekend retreats to serve the Archdiocese of Atlanta. Although we are not professionals, we follow guidelines and presentation outlines developed by our national organization.

Each weekend retreat is focused on preparing engaged couples for a sacramental marriage by providing a life-giving view of marriage and challenging them to communicate openly and honestly with each other. Attendees are couples of all faiths - usually planning to marry in the Catholic Church. The retreat weekend is presented by a team of two married couples and a priest over two or three days. Through a series of personal writings and privately shared exercises, the two of you will be challenged to explore many aspects of your relationship, your spiritual life, and your expectations of marriage in a deeper, more profound way.

The National Organization of Catholic Engaged Encounter strives to be a truly international family. We have an established structure, which sustains local communities in this country and around the world. The United States national family consists of an Executive Team (a couple and a priest) who directs the activities of the United States National Board. This Board consists of teams that represent five geographical regions in the US: Northeast, Midwest, South, North Central, and West.

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